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The first requirement for every business leader is to create trust. With trust people open up, energy flows and collaboration becomes natural. On the other hand, when trust is broken, strategy implementation, innovation and change may evoke reactions of fear, and encounter cynicism and resistance.

Impactful changes such as shifting stakeholder expectations, technological innovation or public opinion require organizations to flexibly adapt to new realities. Success in this new environment will require greater cooperation among businesses than ever before, which will call for a far more connected world. Building trust is the leverage for faith in the future and the acceptance of any change, however small or fundamental. This demands that organizations be in form, to embrace a new mindset. A mindset that brings the business from the current position to a future position. Rooted in an inspiring purpose, a strong culture, clear values, and authentic leadership.

BY TRUST helps leaders build and optimize trust and create the conditions to transform strategic ambitions to reality.


The way organizations and their leaders inspire, steer and facilitate, influences how stakeholders experience trust. High trust drives customer loyalty, increases employee engagement and amplifies the credibility of the organization. BY TRUST works with clients across the continuum from external stakeholders to internal stakeholders. 

We identify 6 tools of trust at all levels in the organization.

LEADERSHIP: is the CEO perceived as authentic and sincere in the role of change agent? Is the top leadership truly committed and engaged with stakeholders? Does the behavior of top-management match the desired culture? Do people follow the logic of the strategy and implementation?

PURPOSE: does the organization have an inspiring purpose and vision for the future? is this supported by the company values and a clear identity? Are internal and external stakeholders truly engaged?

PRODUCTS/SERVICES: is the business well positioned in relation to known and yet unknown competitors? Is the desired customer experience across the customer journey appreciated, are latent customer needs being identified, do design and branding stand out in the market dynamics?

ORGANIZATION: are the corner stones of the culture a safe environment and open dialogue? Is corporate engagement on the strategic agenda? Does the governance support the strategic direction? Is the organization well balanced and ‘in-form’ to take on new ways of working.

PROCESS: are innovation and change designed to embed results? Do people trust the process? Does the governance of decision making support the objectives of the process?

COMMUNICATION: what is the internal and external presentation of the organization? Does the organization aim for a clear understanding and embrace the company’s narrative? Does a common language between stakeholders exist? Does reputation fit the future? Are facts, examples and proof sufficiently show cased?



An open process from shared intention

to embedding the new.

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‘It is my belief that trust is the foundation for everything we do. If we can learn to trust one another more, we can have unprecedented human progress.’ (by Frances Frei)

Featured in: TED - May 25, 2018 How to build (and rebuild) trust, Frances Frei